How a dream to make everyone a lifelong swimmer and a mission to find a cure have grown aquatic programs in Southern Wake County, North Carolina


About Us

My name is Carol Ann Redfield, founder and owner of Point Me to the Water. After retiring from the Army as a lieutenant colonel in 2008, I planted my roots in North Carolina to raise my kids. I come from a family of triathletes, so with time on my hands I started coaching the local chapter of Girls on the Run and also trained 22 women to compete in a triathlon in April 2010. It was incredible to train alongside these ladies, all teachers and their friends, and help them tap into their inner athlete.

Our Classes

Point Me to the Water offers Private Swim Lessons, Group Swim Lessons, Pre-Season Prep Clinics, Water Aerobics, and Adult Swim Fitness.

Private Lessons

Our private swim lessons are coordinated directly between the instructor and the client. We try to do these lessons at times and pool locations that maximize effective instruction. This requires flexibility on lesson location. We offer private lessons all year long.

2023 Private Swim Lesson Flyer

Group Lessons

Group lessons are for swimmers ages three to eight. Five separate sessions, with classes either in the morning or evening, will be offered for the Summer of 2023. Group lessons are given for three different ability levels, to 4 groups of four swimmers.

2023 Group Swim Lessons

Swim lessons


Water aerobics

Adult Swim Fitness

Fall Developmental Program

What Customers Are Saying

What I love about Water Aerobics- When I moved to this area I was looking for friendship and fitness. I have found all of that in this group. No matter what your level of fitness intensity is, everyone can participate. Low impact but big results!! There is lots of laughter, smiles and fun accountability with each other (5 days a week). The instructors are awesome! They keep things interesting by learning new ways to get in shape. Get your hair wet and splash around or if you have somewhere to go and need your hair to stay dry you can still participate in the more shallow end.

I have enjoyed doing water aerobics, it is a great way to workout and lose some inches. The added bonus is you have fun with a great group. The instructors are great and they all do a little different workout.

Water Aerobics has been a lifeline for me! I was new to the area last year and needed friends, fitness and fellowship, I found all three in these classes! I feel challenged, encouraged and mentally stimulated as each of our instructors offer up different ways to keep our bodies healthy! Having chronic pain means I need a low impact workout and that’s what water aerobics offers! So thankful that Sunset Club “points me to the water”!

Carol Ann is fantastic. I am 47 years old and generally fit but have never been a strong at swimming. Completing a triathlon has always been a goal of mine and I needed to improve in this area to feel comfortable in the water. Carol Ann’s no-nonsense approach to ‘I’m going to get you ready for the water’ has been great for me and after just a couple of weeks I feel more confident than I have ever felt in the water. Thanks, Carol Ann. You rock!

I love Carol Ann’s morning swim class. I am/was a triathlete with zero formal swim training who was able to wade my way through my events. Through the class I’ve learned a great deal about what I was doing incorrectly and where to put my focus to improve my swim stroke and my speed. I’m much more confident going into my next triathlon and know that my time will be the best one yet. Carol Ann has tons of experience not only swimming but also training. She brings a sense of seriousness to the class with a dash of humor to keep you engaged. Highly recommended

Price Plans

Swim Lessions

  • Private lessons for members: $125

  • Private lessons for non-members: $150

  • Group lessons for members: $90

  • Group lessons for non-members: $100

Water aerobics

  • Members: $80/month

  • Non-members: $100/month

Adult Swim Fitness

  • Members: $50/month

  • Non-members: $70/month

  • Drop-in fee: $10

frequently asked questions

This is determined by your own goals and expectations for your child’s swimming. Additionally, their abilities and confidence in the water affect their progress.

You are able to sign up for as many sessions as you would like. The need for another session is determined by your goals and your child’s swimming abilities.

We will try to cater to your pool preference. However, it is dependent on pool space available, the time you are available to schedule, and the instructor’s ability to be at a pool at the scheduled time.

Your instructor will be assigned each session you sign up for. That instructor will schedule four lessons with you for that session. If you would like to sign up for another session, we will make every effort to keep the instructor you request, but it ultimately is dependent on your and the instructor’s availability.

Participants cannot cancel due to the weather. Your swim instructor will reach out to you in the event of a weather cancellation.

Cancellations within 24 hours of your scheduled lesson are not allowed. If a lesson is canceled within 24 hours, another lesson will not be scheduled for that session, and the missed lesson will not be refunded.

We suggest that your 4 lessons be scheduled within a two week timeframe to result in the best progress for your swimmers. If you know you are going to be going on vacation, it is best to schedule around that vacation.

Payments are due prior to scheduling a lesson. We accept payment through Venmo (@carol-redfield) and by check. Checks should be made out to “Point Me to the Water, LLC”, and dropped off to the Pro Shop (5032 Linksland Dr.)

Yes, you are always able to tip your instructor after a lesson.

We do offer semi-private lessons when requested. However, we suggest they are only used for swimmers of similar abilities and needs. If you would like a semi-private lesson, reach out separately for more information and pricing changes and fill out a separate private lesson form for each participant.

Private lesson sessions are 4 30-minute lessons where your swimmer gets one-on-one time with an instructor catering to their specific abilities and goals. They are scheduled around your availability, typically within a two week time frame. Group lesson sessions are 4 40-minute lessons within a two week time period. Each class is grouped by the participants’ abilities (Sand-fiddlers or Stingrays), and has 4-5 students per instructor.

Our instructors often have scheduled lessons back-to-back. If you are late, the time you are late counts towards the 30 minute lesson. The lesson will end at the time it was originally scheduled to end.

If your swim lesson is scheduled during a time that the pool is closed to the public, only instructors and participants are allowed in the water because there will be no lifeguards present. If you are not a member of the Club at Sunset, only the participant is allowed to use the pool during the scheduled lesson time. Non-members cannot use the pool before, during, or after the lesson.

You are always able to watch the lessons, but we suggest that you sit to the side so that your child gets the most out of their lesson. If a family member hovers too close to the lesson, the participant tends not to learn to trust their instructor as they look to their family instead.

You are allowed to go to the parking lot, but we ask everyone to stay on the property. After your 30-minute session is over, the instructor is not able to watch your child because they have other lessons scheduled.

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